Transparency Information


Section 18 (2)  of the Public Act 94 of 1979, The State School Aid Act, has been amended, which requires each school district and intermediate school district to post certain information on its website within 15 days after a board adopts it annual operating budget or any subsequent revision to that budget.  The Annual Budget & Transparency Reporting is an opportunity to communicate our community on how we utilize the resources that are provided to us.

The following information is required to be posted on our website:

1.    The annual operating budget and subsequent budget revisions.

2.    Using data that has already been collected and submitted to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), a summary of district
       expenditures for the most recent fiscal year for which they are available, expressed in the following two (2) pie: 

a.   A chart of personnel expenditures broken down into the following subcategories:

i.   Salaries and Wages

ii.   Employee benefit costs, including, but not limited to, medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and long
      term care benefits.

iii.  Retirement benefits costs

iv.   All other personnel costs

b.    A chart of all district expenditures, broken into the following subcategories:

i.     Instruction

ii.    Support Services

iii.   Business and administration

iv.   Operations and Maintenance

3.    Links to all of the following:

a.    The current collective bargaining agreement for each bargaining unit.

b.    Each health care benefits plan, including, but not limited to medical, dental, vision, disability, long-term care, or
       any type of benefits that would constitute health care services, offered to any bargaining unit or employee in the

c.    The audit report of the audit conducted for the most recent fiscal year for which it is available.

d.    Bids required under section 5 of the public employee health benefits act.

4.  The total salary and a description and cost of each fringe benefit included in the compensation package for the superintendent of
     the district  and for each employee of the district whose salary exceeds $100,000. 

5.  The annual amount spent on dues paid to associations.

6.  The annual amount spent on lobbying activities. 

7.  Any deficit elimination plan or enhanced deficit elimination plan the district was required to submit under this article.

8.   Identification of all credit cards maintained by the district as district credit cards, the identity of all individuals authorized to use each
      of those cards, the credit limit on each card, and the dollar amount, if any, for each individual's authorized use of the credit card.      

9.   Costs incurred for each instance of out-of-state travel by the school administrator of the district that is fully or partially paid for by the
      district and the details of each of those instances of out-of-state travel, including at least identification of each individual on the trip,
      destination and purpose.      

Section 1 - Annual Operating Budget and Subsequent Revisions
2022/2023 Revised GF Budget
Adopted December 12, 2022
2023/2024 Budgets
Adopted June 12, 2023
2022/2023 Final Budgets
Adopted June 12, 2023

Section 2a and 2b - Summary of Expenditures Expressed in Pie Charts
Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Personnel Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Operation Expenditures

Section 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f, and 3g - Listing of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans, Audit Report, Procurement Policy, Expense Reimbursement Policy, and AP Check Register
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Food Service
 Health Care Benefit Plans
Audited Financial Statements
2021 Audit
Bids Solicited for Health Care Plans
2017 Health Insurance Bid
Procurement Policy
Expense Reimbursement Policy
Accounts Payable Check Register

Section 4 - Salary and Benefits for Superintendents and Employees with Salary Exceeding $100,000
List of Qualifying Employees

Section 5 - Annual Amount Spent on Dues to Associations
Association Dues

Section 6 - Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying or Lobbying Services
There were no expenditures for lobbying activities or lobbying services for the 2018/2019 year.

Section 7 - Approved Deficit Elimination Plan
The district has not incurred a deficit.

Section 8 - District Credit Card Information
Current Credit Card Information

Section 9 - District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information
There were no expenditures for Out-of-State Travel for the 2018/2019 year

Section  10 - Educator Evaluation Postings and Assurances

As required by PA 173, MCL 380.1249 (3), Atherton Community Schools provides the following postings and assurances regarding the Educator Evaluation processes and protocols used in the district:
State Approved Teacher Evaluation Tool
Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching
State Approved Administrator Evaluation Instrument
MASA School Advance Administrator Evaluation Instrument
School ADvanceAdministrator Evaluation System Assurances Document for Michigan Users © School ADvance. ™ All Rights Reserved.
State Approved Superintendent Evaluation Instrument
MASB Superintendent Evaluation Instrument

Section  11 - MICIP Plan
Atherton MICIP District Plan
As part of the MI Kids Back-on-Track program if you feel your student needs additional assistance, please contact the building principal. 
Atherton Elementary - Katie Morford at Email Katie Morford or (810) 591-0604
Atherton Junior Senior High School - Natalie Cooper at Email Natalie Cooper or (810) 591-9184
Atherton Virtual Academy - Tina Davis at Email Tina Davis or (810) 591-0850

Section  12 - Continuity of Learning Plan
2-14-2024 Continuity Of Learning Plan American Rescue Plan Update
Agenda, February 19, 2024
9-15-2023 Continuity Of Learning Plan American Rescue Plan Update
Agenda, October 16, 2023
2-6-2023 Continuity Of Learning Plan American Rescue Plan Update
Agenda, February 13, 2023
8-30-2022 Continuity Of Learning Plan American Rescue Plan Update
Agenda, September 26, 2022
January 2021 Covid Learning Plan
Agenda, January 18, 2021
June 2021 Reconfirmation
May 2021 Reconfirmation
April 2021 Reconfirmation
March 2021 Reconfirmation
February 2021 Reconfirmation
January 2021 Reconfirmation
December 2020 Reconfirmation
November 2020 Reconfirmation
October 2020 Reconfirmation
September 2020 Reconfirmation
Stakeholder Survey Results